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AMZ AllStars

What Makes Us An AllStar

We pride ourselves in knowing that our people are the best of the best, they're career driven,
put in the work, and are rewarded and recognized for it.

We invest in training our staff and value employee experience.

Further your career with AMZ AllStars, where you can learn the A-to-Z of what it takes to run global, multi-million dollar E-Commerce businesses.


All new-hire account managers & customer support representatives go through a paid five week training program led and perfected by our dedicated training managers

Company Culture

We value employee experience, we have a dedicated fun-committee for both remote and in-person events, and we are an accredited Certified Great Place to Work®

Teamwork, personal excellence and growth matters to us. And, we know it matters to you, too!

When you join us, you’ll have the opportunity to continue learning, develop new skills, and grow personally, and professionally.

High Expertise

As e-commerce experts, we offer nothing but excellence. Let our team teach you as much as they can about our proven and tested strategies learned from expansive online courses. We will provide you with a platform to receive paid and free training on how to run a successful e-commerce business. Being proficient in all types of e-commerce platforms, there is not that much we can't teach you.

Holistic Program

There is no denying that diversifying your skill set is one of the most important things in your career. With each passing day, we continue to learn about things outside the world of e-commerce. As such, some of our team members continue to better themselves by taking courses such as Six Sigma, AdWords, Facebook Ads, and more.

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear in the present moment, so that you can become the person you always wanted to be.”

Erick Rodriguez, CEO

Are You The Next AllStar?

We Are Hiring

Further your career with AMZ AllStars, where you can learn what it takes to run global, multi-million dollar E-Commerce business. This is not your typical BPO position - expect to roll up your sleeves, learn something new every day, and push your potential to the max!

Customer Support & Account Management

Account Manager

Highly motivated leaders who can efficiently prioritize timelines and liaise appropriately with project stakeholders, managers, and members in a project.

Customer Support Representative

Masters of communication and organizational skills that understand the vital role that customer phone calls play in building a company's reputation and integrity.

Italian Customer Support

Customer service professionals fluent in Italian who excel in delivering results and are fluent in the Italian language.

German Customer Support

Self-motivated customer support experts who are "Wunderbar" in providing quality service to our clients in Germany.

French Customer Support

Friendly and highly dependable mavens of customer support who are "très bien" in providing excellent results to the company and our French clients.

Japanese Customer Support

Customer service professionals who are "subarashii" in every little thing they do, whether through answering phone calls or emails for our Japanese accounts.

Accounting/Banking and Finance

Cost Accountant

Self-sufficient professionals who can breeze through every challenge with their super communication and accounting skills.

Staff Accountant

Accounting virtuosos with solid expertise and an impressive analytical mindset, ready to rise above the challenge and perform in a highly competitive work environment.

Accounts Payable Accountant

Stellar performers who shine even brighter in a high-pressure environment—simply one of the best in keeping tabs on the company's accounts.

Tax Accountant (US Indirect Tax)

Versatile and resourceful financial professionals who have a knack for solving complex problems at work, while supporting a diverse portfolio of leading consumer products.

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