Become The Next
Revenue Specialist

A finance maven that can handle financial tasks efficiently and effortlessly. They have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and have top-notch administrative skills to boot.

Their eagle eye ensures that all payments and organizational claims are processed on time. They are tech-savvy and can whip up data and graphical charts and reports in a pinch.

Become The Next
Revenue Specialist

Masters of data gathering and metrics formulation, your impressive analytical and mathematical skills are just what AMZ All-Stars needs to churn out a stellar fiscal performance every year!


  • Manage the tracking of brand royalty arrangements (both due to and due from Thrasio)
  • Perform monthly reconciliations of sales activity to determine revenue balances due to/due from sellers of recently acquired brands
  • Coordinate and facilitate the exchange of information between the onboarding and core accounting team to ensure the accuracy and integrity of internal reporting
  • Provide continuous feedback on the status of accounts, and serve as a lead point of contact with sellers and other relevant 3rd parties involved in the revenue/royalty cycle
  • Create and maintain customer information, documents, key arrangement details, etc.
  • Participate in committees and meetings as required related to clients, onboarding coordination, new activities, products, and exchanges
  • Improve and enhance existing processes for monitoring due to/due from and royalty activity.
  • Assist with ad hoc projects related to financial onboarding and monthly reporting.


  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel.
  • Experience with data manipulation and metrics gathering
  • Experience creating charts, graphs, and slides
  • Strong analytical mindset, attention to detail, comprehension and information retention skills, absorbing and applying complex concepts

Market Pay

We understand the value of each and every individual who walks through our doors. We ensure that they always remain satisfied!


You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we work with professional and reliable brands in the industry. Maintaining a strong partnership with them means a lot to us in establishing long-term growth.

Good HMO

When you join us, you’ll have the opportunity to continue learning, develop new skills, and grow personally and professionally.

No Account

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we work with professional and reliable brands in the industry. Maintaining a strong partnership with them means a lot to us in establishing long-term growth.

Application Process

How We Hire for Customer Support & Account Management

From end to end, on average takes 10-14 days from resume screening to final interview.


Sourcing &


HR Initial

30 minutes


Mettl Exam

Emotional Intelligence & Attention to Details



30 minutes to 1 hour


Interview from
USA Client

30 minutes to 1 hour





As a company that values employee experience, we find it important you have the best / most accurate expectations of what you’re applying to.

So we’ll be transparent on the good & the bad.

The good

  • You get to work at a company that is Great Place to Work®-certified.
  • You’ll receive a valuable and above-the-industry standard HMO package.
  • You’ll get trained and work with our clients from the get-go in helping them make sound decisions by collecting, tracking, correcting, and communicating their financial position.

The bad

  • You will work during US business hours, so expect that you’ll work on a night shift.
  • You may receive straight-forward remarks from US-based clients that you may perceive as off-putting at times.
  • Since we are a start-up company, we maximize our talents in every way we could. Therefore, you can expect to be occasionally assigned challenging tasks that are not within your role.

How To Best Prepare

Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for the day of the interview.

How To Best Prepare

  • Be sure to re-review the job scope, understanding the characteristics we’re looking for; and then when answering questions during the interview in a way to show-case those qualities.
  • Be sure to know why this company and why this role is a good fit. Please think this one out.

Be sure to practice your < 3min introductory statement which should cover:

  • Who you are
  • Highlight background experience and accomplishments along the way
  • Why you’re a good fit for this role (referencing past experiences)
  • Pro-actively addressing any reasons for hesitation including gaps in employment or short stints at past companies

This is not your typical BPO position - expect to roll up your sleeves, learn something new every day, and push your potential to the max!