Become The Next
German Customer Support

Can you speak fluent Deutsche? Are you an expert in customer service? Does the idea of helping large eCommerce brands succeed in every way a thing you’re excited to do?

Do you wish to grow and unleash your potential both financially and professionally? If you answered “YES,” then an amazing opportunity is waiting just for you! AMZ Allstars empowers international eCommerce brands in achieving their ultimate best by providing innovative solutions and maximizing productivity for better output in every possible way we can!

Receive the all-star treatment as you go through 6 intensive weeks of PAID training by Amazon experts globally recognized by the industry! Once done with your training, you’ll get to work with the best-selling brands on Amazon! What’s better, you’ll get a vast number of resources, support, and mentorship to help you succeed in this role! Sounds fun? Here are the two roles that we’re looking for: A) Project Managers B) Customer Support Representatives

At AMZ Allstars, we help you unlock your inner “star” and transform you into the ultimate All-star. It’s not BPO. It’s AMZ Allstars.

Become The Next
German Customer Support Representative

They are self-reliant, friendly, and highly-dependable, and a master in communication and organizational skills!


  • Staying regularly informed of brands & products to exemplify high familiarity with the businesses you're servicing.
  • Use phone & email; to troubleshoot products, process refunds/exchanges, and overall curb troubled customers to happy ones
  • Communicating effectively by using the prepared phone and email scripts for consistency in product information or when troubleshooting issues arise, such as issuing refunds or product exchanges and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Providing consistent customer service through close product monitoring, ensuring that all channels for communication are open at all times, and proper escalation of issues within the team to avoid listing outages and minimal downtime.
  • Ensuring consistent customer service through close product monitoring, making sure that all channels for communication are open at all times, and proper escalation of issues within the team to avoid listing outages and minimal downtime.
  • Monitoring listing revenue by creating timely reports that show the business's overall performance, especially when there's a dip in sales.
  • Assisting with administrative and brand-specific spreadsheets of metrics and making sure that relevant data is constantly updated.


  • At least 21 years old and above
  • a high school graduate;
  • have at least two or more years of call center or BPO experience;
  • at least basic knowledge of spreadsheets (such as MS Excel or Google Sheets);
  • must be highly organized and have a keen eye on details;
  • upbeat personality and positive energy when operating phone lines;
  • at least basic computer and mobile literacy.

Market Pay

We understand the value of each and every individual who walks through our doors. We ensure that they always remain satisfied!


When you join us, you’ll have the opportunity to continue learning, develop new skills, and grow personally and professionally.

HMO Coverage

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Application Process

How We Hire for Customer Support & Account Management

From end to end, on average takes 10-14 days from resume screening to final interview.



We'll determine if you fit the qualifications to be a part of our team!



30-minute online assessment to check job & culture fit


HR Phone

> 30 minute interview to get to know you more and see if you're what our team is looking for.



An aptitude and personality exam to test your skills, especially your attention to details and your knowledge on spreadsheet software.



A 30-minute interview with the training manager to better gauge your personality whether you'll work well in the team's environment.



Make-or-break interview with our Director of Operations. Just be yourself and deliver confident and honest answers, and we're sure that you'll do well!



Congratulations! Once you pass all stages of application, you're ready to be an AMZ All-Star.

As a company that values employee experience, we find it important you have the best / most accurate expectations of what you’re applying to.

So we’ll be transparent on the good & the bad.

The good

  • You get to work at a company that is Great Place to Work®-certified.
  • You’ll receive a valuable and above-the-industry standard HMO package.
  • You’ll get trained and work with our clients from the get-go in helping them make sound decisions by collecting, tracking, correcting, and communicating their financial position.

The bad

  • You will work during US business hours, so expect that you’ll work on a night shift.
  • You may receive straight-forward remarks from US-based clients that you may perceive as off-putting at times.
  • Since we are a start-up company, we maximize our talents in every way we could. Therefore, you can expect to be occasionally assigned challenging tasks that are not within your role.

How To Best Prepare

Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for the day of the interview.

How To Best Prepare

  • Be sure to re-review the job scope, understanding the characteristics we’re looking for; and then when answering questions during the interview in a way to show-case those qualities.
  • Be sure to know why this company and why this role is a good fit. Please think this one out.

Be sure to practice your < 3min introductory statement which should cover:

  • Who you are
  • Highlight background experience and accomplishments along the way
  • Why you’re a good fit for this role (referencing past experiences)
  • Pro-actively addressing any reasons for hesitation including gaps in employment or short stints at past companies

This is not your typical BPO position - expect to roll up your sleeves, learn something new every day, and push your potential to the max!