Become The Next
Account Manager

Do you have a passion for eCommerce? Do you spend your days looking to develop yourself personally, and further business skills; past what’s traditionally taught in Universities or in traditional BPO’s? Then we may have a golden opportunity for you! Further your career with AMZ -AllStars, where you can learn what it takes to run a global, multi-million dollar eCommerce business.

When you join us, you’ll go through 5 weeks of paid training with a cohort of a dozen or more trainees that will become like family. Post-training you’ll be assigned numerous successful eCommerce brands, and will work with your team in managing and growing these brands.

All the meanwhile, you’ll be provided an extensive amount of resources, technology and mentorship to ensure you do a great job.

Become The Next
Account Manager

You are an organized taskmaster!

You’re friendly, self-motivated and reliable. You exemplify impeccable communication and organizational skills. You’re comfortable being thrown dozens of tasks, documenting detailed instructions without missing a beat, are able to prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency, assign timelines to each task; effectively engage project stakeholders, managers, and team-members all throughout the delivery life-cycle while ensuring the final deliverable is provided on time.


  • Stay regularly informed of brands & products, to exemplify high familiarity with brands you’re servicing
  • Use phone & email; to troubleshoot products, process refunds/exchanges, and overall curb troubled customers to happy ones
  • Monitor products for issues & ensuring minimum “down time” of our brands, escalating matters to team-members, and overall ensuring listing outages have minimal downtime before being noticed
  • Responding to negative product & seller reviews, and doing what can be done to correct them and repair negative customer experiences
  • Managing 10% or less Inbound and/or outbound calls, of your total work-load.
  • Monitoring revenue & keyword ranking of listings, noticing when there are declining sales or ranking, and making escalations to team-members of possible issues.
  • Assisting with administrative and brand-specific spreadsheets of metrics & useful data are updated.
  • Monitoring actions of competitors and providing suggestions to superiors on how to add revenue to the brand line through improvements or new products.


  • At least 21 years old and above
  • At least 2 years completed of college with 3yrs BPO / Professional experience
  • Very high Attention to Detail, Very Organized, Team Player used to collaborating in Projects, Confident in Organizing Tasks / Timelines/ Priority as a Account Manager would need to do
  • Average to Exceptional communication skills in English
  • Savvy in computer & internet navigation
  • Intermediate excel skills

Market Pay

We understand the value of each and every individual who walks through our doors. We ensure that they always remain satisfied!


When you join us, you’ll have the opportunity to continue learning, develop new skills, and grow personally and professionally.

HMO Coverage

Health is wealth indeed, and our employees’ health and wellbeing are one of our top priorities. You’ll be able to receive above-the-industry standard HMO to cover all your medical needs.

No Account

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we work with professional and reliable brands in the industry. Maintaining a strong partnership with them means a lot to us in establishing long-term growth.

Application Process

How We Hire for Customer Support & Account Management

From end to end, on average takes 10-14 days from resume screening to final interview.





30-minute online assessment to check job & culture fit


HR Phone

30 minutes or less



1-hour+ personality, attention to detail, and excel exam



30-minute interview with Training Manager


Paid Assessment

4- to 6-hour paid test assignment involving quick e-training and then assessment of customer support & business acumen



30-minute final interview with the Director of Operations



As a company that values employee experience, we find it important you have the best / most accurate expectations of what you’re applying to.

So we’ll be transparent on the good & the bad.

The good

  • Work for a company that is Certified Great Place to Work®
  • We value our employee’s safety and wellness, which is why our HMO package is above the average market standard.
  • We value training and will invest considerable time when you are brought on to train so you are equipped with the required knowledge and skills, you will be confident in helping manage a large eCommerce business. These are valuable skill-sets that will help you in the future.

The bad

  • Although we use a shift bidding system, final shift selection is based on employee performance and business needs. You may very well be asked to work in a night shift.
  • Although we don’t consider ourselves a call center, you are expected to handle a certain volume of support calls that may come in day to day; while managing email/chat on down-time.
  • Since we are a start-up company, expect tasks to be assigned to you from time to time that is not within your scope.

How To Best Prepare

Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for the day of the interview.

How To Best Prepare

  • Be sure to re-review the job scope, understanding the characteristics we’re looking for; and then when answering questions during the interview in a way to show-case those qualifies.
  • Be sure to know why this company and why this role is a good fit. Please think this one out.

Practice Your < 3-minute Introductory Statement

  • Who you are
  • Highlight background experience and accomplishments along the way
  • Why you’re a good fit for this role (referencing past experiences)
  • Pro-actively addressing any reasons for hesitation including gaps in employment or short stints at past companies

This is not your typical BPO position - expect to roll up your sleeves, learn something new every day, and push your potential to the max!